Boxing Day Rundown

Hey Santorials!

I hope y’all had an awesome holiday!

This year was special for me because we had the WHOLE family make the journey down from Chi-Town & T.O. It was great to have my entire family in the city to celebrate Christmas and take part in Boxing Day shenanigans.

After all the festivities and MASSIVE amounts of food on Christmas eve/ day, we took to the mall on boxing day to take full advantage of the deals (with no intentions of calling in the morning).

Surprisingly I was pretty tamed. Here’s a look at some of the new additions to my closet arsenal:




I really needed new dark wash jeans, so I fought through the crowd (thank god for all that karate training) to pick up these modern slim fitting jeans from Guess, The black pullover was a gift from my Mom 🙂 and it’s from DKNY. It was a GREAT find because It’s 100% Algodon/ cotton with vents on the sides making it unbelievably comfortable and stylish to wear around town. I also picked up a graphic Tee from Guess (cause I’m kinda a graphic tee addict), as well as a casual collard shirt.

I don’t have a lot of white casual shirts so this was a great find PLUS I love how light it is, cause sometimes these shirts are like wearing the Sahara desert! The buttons only go half way down making it a pull over, which I really liked as well.

My accessories & shoe’s (that are older than Gandalf now) are from Aldo (and the shoes were relatively inexpensive for nice casual shoes). The watch is from Invicta (one of my favourite watch companies), & my necklace is from Green Earth, which I find is good place to look for those different or unique accessories.

Overall I’m super happy with my purchases/gifts and look forward to the new collabs along with the upgrades I’m working on doing to the blog for 2015!

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Until next time, Stay Fresh Santorials!

Mark Anthony Santoro

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