Hey Santorials!

Today I decided to wear one of my newest purchases, a wool turtleneck from Emozioni Uomo while I was running around doing errands, studying, & going to the doctors.

Turtlenecks have been around for ages, but have been less popular overall in the past decade, lately I’ve been seeing a lot of designers bringing them back, plus I have to say I like the look of it!


Great for winter when you’re walking in the cold, and yes you could wear a scarf, but I find there is a huge difference in warmth & comfort, PLUS who really wants another thing you could forget?


I must admit, I was worried about how comfortable the turtle neck would be when wearing it, like making my neck itchy, & if it make me scratch my neck often making me look like a drug addict.

BUT I’m happy to say, I understand Steve Jobs now (kinda); I like the look, the effectiveness, & the uniqueness of the turtleneck. It is also a great dapper look for gentleman, with an added bonus that it can be worn both casually & business casually, & it comes in a variety of styles.

DSC00178For those single gents, I guess it’s a great way to hide a hickey, maybe that’s why Jobs was always wearing one… Haha

Either way this is another option for guys sweaters that will be coming back, & is definitely something to look for when shopping.

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Stay Fresh Santorials!

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