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Hey Santorials!

I was asked to style a baseball cap by Fanatics (a website full of all sorts of fan gear). The goal was to create a couple looks that are stylish for game day & have a baseball cap in the outfit.

I’m not really one for hats, BUT I’m also not one for passing up challenges (ask anyone who knows me), so I took this on with open arms.

Now obviously depending on the sport/ team/ season of the year the outfits & layers used when putting together your outfit would change. So with baseball season coming up I wanted to give some outfit ideas for supporting the home team without resorting to the basic jersey/ sports t-shirt ensemble (the jock equivalent of a basic B!+ch).


If you’re NOT a diehard fan, but still like going to the games for the drinking and hanging out with friends, or what ever brings you to the games, this is also a GREAT alternative to buying sports merch!

Since I was given the freedom to choose what I wanted to do with the outfit & baseball cap style I decided to pay tribute to my Tigs (Detroit Tigers), & the Boston Red Sox (the home team of the legendary Fenway Park Stadium).

Here’s the Detroit Tigers New Era baseball cap from Fanatics:


Where’s the outfit from style guy?: |New Era Detroit Tigers Baseball Cap –, Polo – DKNY, Jeans – Guess, Bracelet – Green Earth, Watch – Fossil, Bat – Louisville Slugger|

Here’s the Boston Red Sox from Fanatics:


Where’s the outfit from style guy?: |Nike Boston Red Socks Cap –, T-Shirt – Old Navy, Shirt/ Jeans – Buffalo David Bitton, Bracelet – Green Earth, Ring – Aldo, Watch – Fossil, Bat – Louisville Slugger|

So the basic idea is this..

Wear a colour that is the SAME as your teams colour. Most teams will have a neutral colour & a colour that stands out as the focal point (or team colour), like the Tiger’s Orange or Boston’s Red.


Like I’ve said 110 times before (& blogged about, see here) a suit doesn’t mean your stylish, & it would obviously be OVERKILL at a ball game. Not to mention you’d be so hot that you’d probably pass out from heat & end up on the “Worst Plays of the Week” on TSN’s Sports Centre. Or you’ll end up on the jumbotron for everyone at the stadium to post on social media about. Either or, doesn’t sound like fun to me….

& since I’m POSITIVE no one wants that, you’re going to want to be casual, comfortable but shows some style & team spirit with what you’re wearing!

Remember you’re at a game, rep your team, don’t just wear your favourite shirt cause it looks good.


I had a great time making this blog & plan to do more sports & fashion blogs in the future! I think next time I’ll do a jersey style blog.

F.Y.I Santorials

Fanatics has everything you need as a sports fan, like it’s almost excessive how much they have and I’m just just talking about hats. It’s actually insane!

The best part tho is they have merch for pretty much every sport, including olympics & the UFC.

I know that last part sounded very pitchy (no pun intended), but just check it out for yourself. It’s worth the gander, especially if you’re a sports fan looking to update the man cave or get new season gear.


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