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Todays What I wore Wednesday (WIWW) blog is featuring a MUST HAVE in a mans closet – The Blazer/ Sport coats/ Suit jacket.

Now I don’t want this to be like school but here are some quick defs to distinguish between the Blazers & Sport coats:

blazer is a type of jacket resembling a suit coat cut more casually, typically with metal buttons.. blazers often are uniform garments, e.g. for airline, school, and yachting and rowing clubs.” – Wikipedia

“A sport coat, also called a sports coatsports jackettweed jacket, or tweed coat, less commonly known as a sport coat, is a jacket for men” – Wikipedia

Regardless of the title, stylistically any of these types of jackets can all be used to help your outfit!

Blazers/Sport coats are a great way to spice up a casual outfit, there’s so many different looks you can switch to, without always having to incorporate a shirt & tie. Which can get old real quick – especially in those office jobs.

Ideal choices for bringing out the blazer is; when going out to/for:

  • Bars, Lounges, & Clubs – ditch the suit that downtown have been beaten to death. Mix it up with a blazer/sport coat, chino/pants, a T-shirt, & accessories. You will definitely look more stylish than that guy that came to the club in a shirt & vest, or “Suited Up“.
  • Casual Dates – It adds a sense of sophistication and shows you’ve grown out of your preppy Hollister days when you’d go out with just a shirt & ripped jeans (maybe a white t-shirt underneath). Also it will show that the date means more to you than just throwing on a t-shirt and showing up.
  • Casual Business meetings/ Social gatherings blazers/sport coats will show that you don’t have a set work style (shirt and tie) but you can mix it up and still be stylish while  being casual, as well as that you’re ready for business. AGAIN, it displays sophistication, that your cultured, & that you’re well informed/ educatedOh can’t forget that it also shows your mom doesn’t still dress you with what she heard the kids are into.

Here are 3 of my looks (description of where I got the outfit will be in the captions):

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