Street Style

Hey Santorials!

Here’s a new What I Wore vlog. The theme was focused on a street style/urban outfit. The idea behind the video was to really capture what to wear when out with friends in a much more chill environment.

A BIG thanks to everyone that got involved with making video,the locals at the skatepark, it was such an unreal time making the video with my friends and meeting new people, I’m glad it worked out the way it did.

You can find everyone who was involved in the credits.

Heres the outfit breakdowns…

My First outfit:

|Beanie: H&M| Sweater: Calvin Klein| Shirt: DKNY| Jeans: Guess| Sneakers: Aldo| Skateboard: Zero|

Melo’s (the second) outfit:

|Snapback: Fallen| Shades: Dolce & Gabbana| Shirt: Adidas| Jacket: LRG Brand| Necklace: H&M| Chinos: H&M| Sneakers: Tom Ford|

Serg’s (the third) outfit:

|Beanie: H&M| Cardigan: RW&CO| Shirt: Guess| Watch: Fossil| Jeans: Guess| Sneakers: Polo Ralph Lauren|

My Second outfit:

|Beanie: H&M| Shirt: B:52| T-Shirt: Calvin Klein| Chinos: Banana Republic| Sneakers: Original Penguin|

Thoughts behind the outfit:

Since we were in that awkward fall/winter phase you’ll see that I incorporated a beanie in a lot of these outfits to give you some ideas on where you can throw it in to your own look. I also incorporated the technique of layering since the weather is changing to that bone chilling temperature.

I layered by adding simple things such as a cardigan (one of my favourite things to layer with), a fall jacket, and a denim shirt, which also gives a lots of different patterns/texture to mix in your outfits as well.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it Santorials. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the video!

Stay Fresh,

Mark Anthony Santoro

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