Willow & Park

Hey Santorials,

I’m back again to introduce a local boutique called Willow & Park. This probably won’t be intriguing to the men that follow my blog, but may be a good way to jump start your valentine shopping or a “just because” gift. At least you’ll have a place to start looking when you wait for the crunch time (remember shipping can take 2-10 days, if you’re a local or from the US).

The two ladies running the show are Andrea and Georgia, and I got to say, I love what these Windsorites are putting out for their collection and the story behind it!

When I shop online some characters I look for in a brand is exclusivity, quality, a story behind the brand, strong principles held by the company, and obviously price weighs in as well.

From apparel to accessories such as; hats, scarves, bags, and jewellery to beauty products like; soap, perfume, facial scrubs, and lip balm to home decor and more, these girls are really bringing something unique and chic to you’re wardrobe. The best part is, the price is BEYOND reasonable.

Here’s a quick look at some of their products.

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I’ve been shopping with a plethora of girls in my life, combined with the luxury of having a sister, so I know how quickly the costs can adds up for the female fashionistas. Willow & Park does a great job at satisfying your fashion needs without breaking your bank.

Their story is one like the “American Dream” with a twist of Canadian sweetness. I really commend their integrity, trying produce as much products in Canada as possible while striving to balance price and quality. They also are super honest in their story explaining that they aren’t at the point where they can produce everything in Canada, but take much pride in doing so.

The girls from Willow & Park have managed to find the balance between artistically distinct “feminine-boho vibes” in their patterns (look at their phone cases and pillow covers) and affordability.  I highly suggest you ladies (or guys shopping for the “apple of your eye”) take a gander at their shop.

Stay Fresh,

Mark Anthony Santoro