About M.A.S


Photographer: Joe Alisa

Mark Anthony Santoro is a Windsor native, with a style that is a reflection of being a border city kid. He pulls his fashion from both Windsor and Detroit both areas he grew up in, with a touch of bigger cities like Toronto or Chicago where his family is from.

He generally caters to the mens fashion demographic, but likes to sneak his opinions on woman’s fashion in his blogs as well.

Mark is known for his more edgy sense of mens fashion combining leather and denim to make a distinguished outfit, instead of your classic blend of mens stylists. This could be because of the Detroit influence.

He also does collaborations with companies to try and re-invent, or pioneer a new way of dressing in common day to day events. Though Mark doesn’t like to be a follower of trends he understands that trends are what shapes the fashion industry, therefore you can expect updates.

Being an ex-world champion in karate, you will also find a strong love for fitness, and asian influence in his style, while throwing in some videos of his martial arts.



Top 6 Favourite Designers:

Hmmm, hard question. If I had to choose they’d be:

  1. Diesel
  2. Buffalo David Bitton
  3. John Varvatos
  4. Guess
  5. D squared2
  6. Armani